About Me

My name is Tasha M. Troy. I have a BA in Spanish and an MA in TESL.  I have been teaching second and foreign languages for 15 years.  For many years I lived and taught in South Korea, mostly in the Seoul area.  I am able to converse in Korean, and I understand many of the cultural norms of that country.  I returned to the United States in the fall of 2009 in order to be near my family.  I am currently living in the Washington, DC, area and teaching in a specialized program at Georgetown University helping naturalized US citizens to achieve a professional level of English.

My interests and hobbies are widely varied.  I am a highly introverted person, which my students don’t believe because I’m also sociable, which is reflected in my hobbies. 
1.    Reading!  
a.    In particular, I enjoy science fiction/ fantasy novels and am currently re-reading The Lord of the Rings.  I have also read the Wheel of Time series, The Dragon Riders of Pern series, and various Star Wars novels.  I also enjoy reading “classics”; a lot of modern fiction seems “fluffy” and I read through it too fast, but a good Dicken’s novel will last me a two-week vacation.
b.    I also read non-fiction; I am currently working through The Battle Cry of Freedom, a history of the Civil War, inspired my by location in Virginia.  I have also read Howard Gardner’s Multiple Intelligences: New Horizons, Principles of Language Learning and Teaching (not as part of a course, but on my own), The Birth Order Book, The Language of God (by the head of the Human Genome Project), Blink, and The Purpose Driven Life.
2.    Dancing!  My latest passion is Rueda Salsa, but I have also learned salsa, swing, Argentina tango, all of the Latin ballroom dances, and waltz (I can follow tango and basic quickstep with a good leader).
3.    Crochet!  My fall crochet frenzy has already hit, and I have about four projects in process, including an afghan, a scarf, Christmas ornaments, and shawls. 
4.    Travel!  International and domestic; this summer I have visited Gettysburg, Chancellorsville, and Manassas Battlefields; Monticello and Mt. Vernon presidential homes; and a handful of Smithsonian museums and national memorials in DC.
5.    Cooking!  Creating and sharing new recipes from scratch gives me sense of satisfaction, so much so that I think owning and running a tea house or a bed and breakfast may be in my future (far down the road).

You can watch a short introduction video here.

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Last updated: September 28, 2011
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